Mobile Message Marketing

Slide into their DMs at the right time with the right message + grow your business

Your customers want to send and receive text messages with your business. No one wants to make a phone call. And email is slow. Surveys of US-based consumers confirm it; customers want to directly message their favorite brands. Obeo helps you reach your customers on the channel they use the most.

Obeo is designed to help you add value to the customer experience, send engaging text, image and video messages that represent your brand and target the right customers to get the most out of this growth channel.

Improve your customer experience

No one wants spam. Offer the right value proposition and over time your text message marketing strategy will drive a large share of your growth.

Provide a good reason for your customers to give up their phone number and use our embeddable forms to grow your list. Product launches, promotions and VIP clubs are great reasons for customers to sign up for text message marketing.

Use Obeo's embeddable forms and get users to sign up for text messages
Use order notifications and updates to break the ice before sending text message marketing campaigns

Get the conversation started

Break the ice with new customers by keeping them in the loop with order notifications. Customers that unsubscribe with a simple reply won't receive future marketing messages.

Allow customers to respond to your notifications and provide great customer support with Obeo's one-on-one messaging. Using text messaging in a familiar way from the start creates the opportunity to send personalized marketing messages in the future.

Build relationships with customers over text message first and your marketing campaigns will be even more effective.

Write engaging copy with one CTA

Mobile messaging gives you the freedom to be true to your brand and more personal with your copy. Include links, gifs, videos and images that invite users to interact.

Successful text message campaigns are concise with fun and relevant content focused on one call to action. Opt for shorter messages and break long messages into multiple short ones for a more natural, conversational experience.

Set a campaign goal like getting a customer to reply with questions or clicking a link to your website, store or app and track everything with Obeo.

Use text messaging to show personality and convey a clear intent

Market to the right customers

While email marketing campaigns across all industries average a 20% open rate, text messaging campaigns can reach 98%. Targeting your marketing campaigns to the right customers is key to success.

Obeo includes tools to segment customers based on previous actions they have taken, products they have ordered and personal characteristics. Create different segments of customers and experiment with your content.

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