Retain More Customers with Mobile Messaging

Add targeted mobile messaging to your customer retention strategy to engage existing customers, gather direct feedback + win back lost customers

Automated retention campaigns, often triggered by an action or lack of action by a customer, are highly effective at reducing customer apathy and engaging your customers. Mobile messaging retention campaigns result in higher open and click through rates and better engagement than email.

Retain customers on the edge of churning, win back lost customers and improve your product and service with direct feedback by sending targeted mobile messages with Obeo.

The right content for the right customers

The most successful customer retention campaigns are highly targeted and focus on quality over quantity.

Obeo makes it easy to segment your customers based on actions taken (or not), custom events, specific products or services purchased and customer characteristics.

Take advantage of the direct nature of text messaging by customizing your content and timing your retention messages to arrive at the most relevant time for the customer.

Create targeted text message retention campaigns with relevant products
Reward customer loyalty or offer incentives for lost customers to come back

Reward loyalty + offer incentives

Reward your most loyal customers with discounts and product or service upgrades. Avoid mass discounting by personalizing the messaging and targeting.

When you add a new feature or release a new product, reach out to churned customers with a promo code to reengage. Avoid discounting by reaching out to a segmented list of customers that will find your new product updates compelling.

Improve your product with instant feedback

Making a product or service people love is key to retaining customers. Asking for direct feedback is the best way to make that happen. Use Obeo to gather concise feedback in-message or share a link to a more detailed survey.

Text messaging is an excellent channel to collect specific feedback about a product or service. By making it fast and easy for customers to respond, you can solve issues instantly for happier customers.

Prompt customers to take further action, like post a public review or invite friends, based on their responses and satisfaction level.

Use text messaging to send personalized feedback requests

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