Text message marketing for gyms, personal trainers and fitness studios by Obeo

Use personalized text message marketing to motivate your fitness clients, keep them coming back and grow your business.

Enter your mobile number for text messaging tips + tricks

Send weekly fitness and nutrition tips to your clients to improve the experience.

Motivate your clients

Send personalized text messages with workout + nutrition tips to keep them motivated + committed to their goals

Keep your clients engaged

Use automated text messages about classes + personal training sessions to keep your clients coming back

Send automated text messages about classes and sessions to your clients.
Ask your clients for feedback with Obeo text messaging.

Ask for feedback + improve retention

Automatically request feedback immediately after a group class or training session for higher response rates than email

Create new opportunities to grow

Connect Obeo to Facebook Ads + Google Adwords, invite clients to text a code to sign up + add a popup form to your website to grow your client list

Grow your text messaging list with offline to online growth strategies
Obeo is designed around one easy to use inbox to manage you customers, campaigns and conversations

Provide personalized one-on-one support

Give your clients a new way to chat with text messaging from one shared inbox accessed by unlimited team members

Try it + love it before you buy it

Emails are going unread while 9 out of 10 consumers want to use text messaging to communicate with the brands + businesses they love

No credit card required to reserve your phone number + send 100 free text messages

You can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) like images, gifs and video.
Nope! Paid plans are billed monthly and you can cancel anytime from your dashboard.
Your messages rollover when you upgrade or downgrade your account and your 30-day billing period starts over. Unused messages at the end of the period expire.
Your message total includes sent and received text, image and video messages.
Impossible! We make sure you never go over and you can always upgrade or re-up your current plan during the billing period for more messages. Unused messages rollover when you upgrade.
You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription from plan settings in your dashboard at anytime. If you upgrade your subscription, your new messages will be available immediately. If you cancel or downgrade your subscription, you have until the next billing date to use your remaining messages. When you cancel, please note that your phone number might be unavailable in the future.