Automate Your Mobile Messages

Create new growth funnels, improve your customer experience + convert more customers with event-triggered text messages

With event-triggered text messages you can make the customer experience better and invite customers to interact directly with your brand. With Obeo you can send order notifications with dynamic content, automatically reply to incoming messages based on their content and build offline to online growth funnels.

Personalize your unboxing experience

Send automated delivery notifications with personalized text messages to include unboxing, setup and how-to videos. Engage customers immediately in the same thread if they encounter a problem with their order or need help with your product.

Create a personalized delivery experience to set yourself apart from the competition by including links to videos, frequently asked questions and product registration information.

Create fun and personalized delivery and unboxing text message notifications
Use order notifications and updates to break the ice before sending marketing campaigns

Create offline to online growth loops

Tell customers and prospects to text a code word to your phone number to get more information, receive a link to download your app, sign up for a service or get a discount. Put this call to action on offline ads, flyers and signs to create offline to online funnels.

With Obeo you can create auto-replies and drip campaigns for customers responding to your offline call to action, asking for more information or entering a contest. Customize your messaging based on customer characteristics, time of day, sign up forms and campaigns.

Follow up with drip campaigns

Keep the conversation going with scheduled and event-triggered text message drip campaigns.

Schedule a drip campaign to collect customer feedback. Then follow up with dynamic content and product recommendations personalized to the customer based on their feedback, characteristics and past behavior.

Use text message drip campaigns to convert first time customers and retain your most enthusiastic ones.

Use text messaging to send personalized event-based notifications

Creative event-triggered text messages can improve your customer experience, connect the offline world to the online and personalize your delivery and unboxing experience. Your customers want to interact with your brand with text messaging and event-triggered messages are a great way to get started.

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